Harvesting Hope

backdrop of ripening ears yellow wheat field on sunset

Hope is ready to be harvested all around us…

Last week we held a special event to raise awareness about Four Corners Home for Children. We called it “Harvesting Hope”. It was a success and also a lot of fun. We are so immersed in the stories of our children here that we often forget where they have been. Sort of like how we don’t realize our own children are growing, but someone who hasn’t seen them in a while notices right off the bat.
Our children make such wonderful progress in every way when they are here. And that’s what happens when there is safety, stability, routine, responsibility, and love. It’s really pretty simple. Not easy, but simple. Our kids range greatly in age and backgrounds. We have babies and teenagers. We have some who we know will be here at least until they are 18 and others that might leave our care very soon. We have sad stories, but we also know there are some with happy endings. It is those stories that keep us filled with hope, for it is hope that keeps us focused on what’s important when the situation seems bleak.
Last weekend I was at a training and by “chance” saw the dad of four kids who were in our care some time ago. Their story is one of the worst I have heard. What brought these children into our care was horrible, but while we were caring for this man’s children – God was taking care of him. He totally turned his life around and was able to not only get his kids back, but give them a life so much better than they would have had before! He has his family in church and now speaks to others about the effects of alcohol on a family. When I saw him, he invited me outside to see the kids. They were happy, cared for, and loved. It was great to see them – but it was so much better to know they are doing all-right! We never know how the story will end, but we have a powerful and real hope that it will end well.

That hope is what gives us our strength and energy everyday – His name is Jesus! Hope is all around us and each of us can plant seeds, cultivate, and harvest that hope right where we are.

By Randall Jeffrey