A Community of Generosity!

Randle Archibeque at the Mid-main location.

I live in such a generous community! I love being part of Navajo Ministries and the fact that we are located in Farmington, NM is a huge bonus!!

I am fortunate to see so much giving every day. There are so many friends and partners of this ministry that it would take a long time to list each one and their contributions. We appreciate each and every one!

One special partner is Randle Archibeque and our local McDonald’s restaurants. For several years they have been blessing our children. Randle has made a point to reach out to us. Every month all our kids and houseparents head over to one of our McDonald’s locations and get to order whatever they want! We’re talking about 20 kids plus houseparents!

Every month!

That is so cool and very much appreciated. Our kids realize what a treat it is – they appreciate it.


Another cool thing is the “McSupport Nights” or “McDonald’s Give-Back Nights”. Next month we will participate in our third such night. It will be June 13th from 4-7 pm at the “mid-main” McDonald’s location in Farmington, NM. If you live in the area we would LOVE to serve you that night!

Staff and children become McDonald’s workers for a night. We work the registers, clean tables, bake cookies, and greet customers while we receive 15% of sales for the evening! It’s a fun night to be sure, and a great team-building experience.

We appreciate Randle and all he does to serve the Four Corners Home for Children and the larger Four Corners area. He always puts a smile on our faces! He has truly Jolted our Journey!! Thank you Randle!!

We’re Lovin’ it!!

(I sure do like his name too!)

Randall Jeffrey


{If you too would like to partner with us in any way to provide hope, restoration, and Christian values to our children; please contact me at 505-325-0255.}