When Opportunity Knocks!

You never know when an opportunity will present itself…

We recently had one of those moments when we learned that Navajo Ministries had been nominated for the 2017 Hope Awards for Effective Compassion, presented through World Magazine. This award wasn’t on our radar – we didn’t know it existed – but here we are.

The nomination is a testament to what God has been doing here for nearly 65 years! We are humbled and honored to be an award recipient. We are guaranteed to receive $2,000, but if we win we will be awarded $15,000! At the same time; due to the article in print and digital form, a podcast, and the social media presence due to this award – 100’s if not thousands of people will hear about the work being done here!

We have a great team here doing God’s work, and we have a great team that spreads the word about what we do. We have all come together to make the most of this opportunity we have.

People are listening and engaged – what will we tell them? What story will they hear? Hopefully what all these people take away is that God is working here at Navajo Ministries and the Four Corners Home for Children; providing Hope and Compassion through our programs.

What do you see? We’d very much be interested to hear. Let us know in the comments below!

Just like the opportunity of this award, every time a new child comes into our care we are presented with an opportunity. The opportunity is presented to provide hope, safety, and love. To restore hearts, and to share Jesus. We are given the opportunity to give life. We have the opportunity to change the world!

What will we do with those opportunities? Time will tell, but I believe that through God’s power and provision we will rise to the occasion and make the most of those opportunities. In the moment we will provide the hope and compassion needed. That’s what we do. That’s what we’ve done for nearly 65 years!

Of course, we owe all that to God – who leads this ministry – and YOU!

Thank you!

Thank you for your prayers, thank you for your support, and thank you for voting! If you haven’t done so yet – you can still vote today!

Making the most of the opportunities He provides – Randall Jeffrey

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