A Beautiful Work Of Art

untitledWhen Marie came to us she was very lacking in social and relational skills. There was so much that I take for granted every day that she did not understand or quite know how to do. She was extremely shy, quiet, and very reserved. She was a guarded young lady. Conversations were somewhat difficult. She couldn’t make eye contact, she rarely said a word, and she nearly always looked sad.

No matter how much we tried to make her laugh, ask her questions, or try to reach her personality – she would not budge. She remained hidden within herself. We didn’t give up though – we kept doing what we could to love her, help her feel safe, and give her all she needed. We wondered if it would ever make a difference.

It is amazing to see her several years later. She has the biggest smile. She loves to laugh – a lot! And she is one of our biggest jokesters; she is one of the silliest girls I know. It is like night and day. She’s a riot. Whenever she sees me or anyone else she knows, she won’t let them go without a great big giant bear hug! She is just ornery too!

Marie is secure now. She feels safe. Not just physically but also emotionally and relationally. She can be herself, have fun, and live life. It is an extraordinary sight. It’s what God does with our kids every day. He works miracles – real miracles!

Marie is a beautiful work of art, but the Master isn’t finished with her yet. He is still painting and still working; adding details and character. I for one can’t wait to see what He does next!

It’s the same with all of us. We may not feel very special. We may not see ourselves as beautiful works of art. But that is exactly what you are – and God isn’t finished with you yet! He never throws anything away, He just keeps painting. Let go and let Him finish the masterpiece that I know lies within you!

By Randall Jeffrey