Child Placement

There are three main avenues that a child is placed into our care.

We work very closely with CYFD (New Mexico’s Children, Youth, and Families Department) as well as Navajo Nation Division of Social Services.

These agencies place children in our care for various reasons as well as different lengths of time. NNDSS placements tend to be for shorter durations while Social Workers find a longer-term situation for the child, or are able to return the children to family after thorough investigation is conducted. CYFD tends to place children for longer timeframes, with these children usually staying for a minimum of 1-2 years. CYFD is then able to work extensively with natural families and work towards restoration and reunification.

Another way for a child to be placed with us is voluntary family placement. A mother for instance may realize that at this time she is unable to care for her children. She may be without a job or even a home for her children. She could then fill out the proper paperwork to place her children with us until she is able to find a job, find housing, or whatever it is she needs to do to get back on track. That is a difficult, yet honest, assessment for a mother or other family member to have to make. There are few things as difficult as parting with your children, even if only for a short time. But with their child or children here with us they can focus for a bit on what they need to do to get things back in order. For them and for their children.

If you are interested in talking with us about placing a child, or know someone who may, you can contact Annette Reich at 505-325-0255.