Are You Making An Impact?

imageskyg56z8lImpact. What crosses your mind with that word?

Maybe you picture a meteor hurtling through space and hitting Earth. Maybe you see two cars colliding at high speed, a boxing glove striking a sweaty face, or a hammer hitting a nail.

For me, that word surfaces thoughts of altered lives, someone making a difference, and change taking place. Impact. Our lives were meant to make an impact around us. We were meant to change the world around us – for the better. People have impacted your life and mine. And we usually think of these great big giant things and people. Something does not have to be large to make an impact. Nor must a person be powerful or do something big to make that impact. A pebble thrown into a lake will still make waves. The waves it creates are no small matter.

Would you like to make an impact here at the Four Corners Home for Children? I bet your answer is yes. But then maybe you start to think, “what could I do”? Small things have the possibility to make a big impact!

Here are just a few ways you can truly make an impact with us:

Invite your friends to like our Facebook Page. Tell someone about what we do. Pray for our kids – prayer makes a big difference! Sponsor one of our homes – when you do you will get a letter each month that includes specific prayer concerns. Write a letter to one or more of our kids – they love hearing from different people and knowing they care. Maybe you can think of something else…the possibilities to make an impact here might be endless.

And you of course can make an impact right where you are. There are few things as rewarding as impacting someone else’s life – even those things we think are small can be huge to someone else!

Do something…Make an IMPACT today!!!

By Randall Jeffrey