At Christmas Christ Displayed His Full Love!

hith-christmas-raditionl-eMy friends call me Mr. Christmas.

I love this season! I look forward to it all year long. It wasn’t always that way though – let me tell you how that changed…

When I think back to when I was a kid, Christmas wasn’t a big deal and Christ sure wasn’t the center either. My childhood was rough, but even as a young child I somehow caught the spirit of giving.

I didn’t experience many happy memories then, but I did find joy in giving. I remember buying presents for my parents and grandparents, and gifts for my classmates. It was always so wonderful to give. That joy of giving has always stuck with me.

As I’ve grown older I’ve realized more what Christ has truly given and Christmas has only grown stronger in my heart. Christmas has exploded within me, for it passionately explains Jesus Christ!

Today I love snow and hot chocolate. I love the trees, the lights, and the gifts. I love the music and the movies. I even count down the days till Christmas ALL year long – to the exasperation of my dear friends. I love this Christmas!

I can love all of that because this season is the celebration of His birth. Jesus was in Heaven and had it all. Yet He forfeited everything to come down to our level. Why? Because He saw me!

That is why I adore this entire Christmas season. That’s why I become so jolly and festive. My King left everything and became nothing, because His love for me is limitless. He GAVE everything for me!

Christmas is Christ and Christ is Love! I love Christmas so much because it so eloquently displays the fact that Jesus is so desperately in love with me!

That is why we have Peace! That is why we can possess Joy! That is the only source of Life! He is the reason for our Hope! He is Christmas!

Christmas is Jesus saying with wide open arms – “I love you my child, more than you will ever know – so I give you myself”!


Merry Christmas! 

By Randall Jeffrey