Being There Makes All The Difference

I have a two-year old. I have no idea who he might become. But I want to be there to find out!

Parenting is hard. It is a never-ending journey; full of hurdles and detours. Disappointments can be commonplace, but make no mistake – triumphs are there too. Like life in general; we can never hope for success if we are not willing to risk defeat.

We don’t know how our children will end up, or who they will one day be. As parents there are many things we can do, many methods, and various perspectives on parenting that we could choose. I think the main thing though is this: pray hard and pray long for them, be real and be there.

Do the best with what you have. And always be there.

Never give up on them. Never leave them. Be there. You may not always get it right. You may not always give your best. You will make mistakes. Maybe a lot, but that’s okay. When the tough gets going you stay right there. Your child needs you and they need a lot of you.

It would be easy to give up, and move on. It would be easy to give your best to something else instead. But there is nothing in this world so satisfying as seeing your child succeed, grow, and develop.

Every milestone moment in your child’s life; from that first step and potty training, to their first day of school and learning their abc’s, to driving on their own and graduating – you can know that you had a hand in that.

You stuck around. You were there and you were present. And that my friend is possibly the greatest gift you could give yourself, and them.

Be there! Be engaged! Give them your best!

I’m thankful for our houseparents who do that here every day. They are here, they are engaged, and they give their best to our children. They could be somewhere else doing something much more glamorous and getting paid more to do it. But they choose to be here.

For kids that are not their own – they weather the hard times, while having the privilege to experience those milestone moments! They are here for our kids!

And that makes all the difference…!


By Randall Jeffrey