Have You Seen A Miracle Lately?

bobbunk012Many years ago, when I was young and foolish I experienced a miracle that has stuck with me all this time.

It was in Vietnam during the 1968 “Tet Offensive”. It was about 1800 HRS (6pm), and Charlie (the North Vietnamese Army as we called them) was once again shooting 122 mm rockets our way.  I and the guys in my hut hit the bunker to wait it out.  Charlie was having a good run, dropping 3 rockets into our hut area, though missing the 105 howitzers they were aiming at.

Wham (rockets do not go boom)!  One hit right outside the bunker.  Time to start praying. I was a Christian and knew God loved me but was taught to pray only about the “big” things in life. Things just got “big”.  However, with a young man’s sense of immortality, it was not my protection I was praying for, but for my Olympus camera.  I had just bought it off a guy who was being sent home.  It was a month’s pay, my prized possession.  God, you have to protect it. I needed a miracle.

I think about all the things I have been taught about miracles.  Some have taught that they ended with the first century church.  Others have proclaimed they happen all the time – if you have enough faith.  And still others chalk them up to coincidence, luck, or even hallucinations. I was sharing with a man about an incident where I thought God miraculously saved me from being injured in an auto accident.  His explanation was it couldn’t have been a miracle because God would prevent the accident all together.  Volumes have been written by great theologians on the subject, and they confuse me to no end. So here are miracles according to Bob!

Someone taught me that theology cannot be based on feelings and experiences. I totally agree, but I do think they go a long way in determining our personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. I have chosen to call some of those experiences miracles.

I know miracles don’t happen every day. I can’t subscribe to the “Name It and Claim It” theology.  I have had loved ones healed and others taken home.  But I have seen God’s hand move in so many different ways, especially at Navajo Ministries, that I am going to call many of those events miracles.

Coming out of that bunker I found the hut next to mine blown completely away (The picture above. My bunk was in the still standing hut – far right).  My locker was blown across my bunk and everything inside blown out – except my camera which was “miraculously” swinging from its strap on the hook in the locker. Not a scratch on it.

Good luck, coincidence, or a miracle? You decide. As for me, I found out God loves me enough to take care of even my camera. It was the beginning of His many “miracles” in my life taking care of a lot bigger challenges than a camera.

We see real miracles in the lives of our children every day! God is able and He is working. He even cares about those things that we call “little things”!

By Bob Fitz