Hopes Hero’s!

Hope is vital for life.

Here at the Four Corners Home for Children, providing Hope is what we’re all about. Every week there are many individuals, churches, and businesses that help us do that. We often call them sponsors, supporters or partners.

I call them Hero’s!

Without them – we can’t provide Hope. Hope is vital for life. So really, all these people provide life. They are saving lives. Someone who saves a life is a Hero!!

We’ve been asking some of our hero’s why they partner with the Four Corners Home for Children. I will be sharing their answer’s with you from time to time. Below is the first such instance; from a hero’s point of view…

“I consider it an honor and privilege to help in the wonderful work being done. God works through his people and I don’t believe there is a more important work than providing a safe environment for children. Through the updates, pictures and Navajo Neighbors magazine I’ve learned to recognize some of the kids, and am praying for them every step of the way. It’s a wonderful opportunity.” – Ken

Hope for the hopeless is like a sunrise over a vast ocean – life is possible!

Thank you Ken for sponsoring two of our kids every month! Thank you for being a Hero to them!

If you would like to know how you too can be a Hero to our children, visit fourcornershomeforchildren.org


Be a Hero – Give Hope!!

Randall Jeffrey