Just Say Yes When God Calls!

fullsizerender“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

If we don’t take that first step, we can never reach the destination. In two days my wife and I will finalize our adoption. This long yet blessed journey that began 16 months ago will come to an end. We are so blessed to be able to officially and legally welcome home the newest addition to the Jeffrey family.

It began with that first step which was hearing God’s voice 16 months ago. I found out that this little boy was going to be placed for adoption, and at that moment God spoke. And I heard.

After just a few days of deliberation, I emailed his social worker and the rest as they say is history. Or at least it will be after this Friday! It became a snowball from there; getting bigger and faster with each passing day.

Now don’t get me wrong; 16 months is a long time and there were many steps involved. We had to take classes, fill out paperwork, work with social workers, complete more paperwork, go through a “home study”, and do more paperwork! Those procedures must be in place for the sake of the children.

This adoption started by taking that first step! Yes, all the other steps had to happen too, and of course, none of it would matter without this final hearing on Friday. But the hardest step is often the first – the decision to start. We cannot finish anything until we first begin!

Deciding to obey when we know we should take a certain course of action – that is the most difficult part. Once we decided to pursue our little boy, the rest just clicked. The choice to change the course of our life; that first step was the most difficult.

We make many decisions in our lives that require us to take a step of faith. Some are huge decisions, and many are small choices. As followers of Christ it is an absolute certainty that He will call us to areas, tasks, and people that we are incapable of answering.

He will call us to do impossible things. It is at that moment that we can either ignore His call and walk away into the comforts of where we are; or we can take that step forward in faith.

The question for us is never, “Can I do it?” The question is always, “Will I follow and obey?”

Will we answer in His strength when He calls us to do the impossible? All we have to do is lift our hands up in surrender to Him and simply say “Yes.” The rest is all up to Him!

We will be overwhelmed if our eyes are upon that task. We will be consumed by peace though if we are obediently stepping forward with our eyes fixed fully upon Him!

May each of us say “YES” to the God who calls us to do the Impossible…through Him!

If you read my last BLOG post I mentioned there was more to the story about Kevin! Here it is. You see, Kevin is our adoptive son’s brother. Had Kevin never been in our care we would never have met our son! God had us picked out long before we knew our son!


Randall Jeffrey


[NOTE: The Four Corners Home for Children does NOT work with adoption placement. However there is a great need across our country for foster and adoptive parents. If you live in New Mexico you can visit CYFD.org for more information! If you live in another state contact your local agency.]



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  1. This child is blessed to have two great parents in you and Rolanda. Praying for your precious family.

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