Moments That Matter



My wife and I were houseparents for 2 ½ years, and we have lots of precious memories. One that sticks out more than many of the others might also be the funniest one. In fact a song was born from that moment.

One Saturday in January we drove to our favorite sledding spot in Colorado. This area doesn’t usually get too crowded, and there are different grades of hills so it is good for all ages. We had this little one named Anna at the time. She was so cute, and ornery at times – aren’t we all? So we were sledding and Anna was too little to go by herself, so she rode down with me. I’d get on the sled while she sat in front of me. Then I could hold onto her while also holding onto the sled straps. This kept her wrapped up warm and safe.

Well, on one of our “flights” down we did literally that – we took flight. We got a bit crooked, hit a small mound of snow a little too hard, and went sailing (just a bit) through the air. We landed with great fanfare! Anna somehow got out of position and landed first while I sort of rolled over her. She had snow all over her face and in her coat. She was just a crying. I cleaned the snow off and held her tight. She quickly calmed down and was ready for another run – without the flight part of course. Sometime that day is when the song came -”Anna got ran over by Uncle Randall…” (You know the tune.) We still sing that song today.

That memory is so full of fun and life and silliness. When I hear that song and remember that moment, I can’t help but picture her face covered in snow. I smile, relish in the memory, and then pray for her. I am so very thankful that God saw fit to call Rolanda and I as houseparents, and that during that time He allowed us to make wonderful memories such as these. I don’t know how those times will affect the children we had in our care, but they sure were a blessing to us.

Take the time to make those moments. They may not be filled with spiritual direction or Godly wisdom, but they will be full of love. And we never know how many opportunities we will have to make them…so make this moment count! Make moments that matter.

By Randall Jeffrey