One Moment…Can Make All The Difference

thSFSDZS90One moment. When everything changed. When it all came together. When you made a turn and never looked back. Most of us, looking back, can see that one significant moment. Maybe there are several, but there is that one moment that seems to define your life, where everything else hinges upon that point. One moment.

What is your one moment? Think about it – picture it. Maybe it was positive and possibly it was not. But you see when it all changed. For me, that one moment is the first time I had frybread. Now that may not sound too serious or consequential, but that moment in essence directed me to where I am today. There have been other events that shaped me, lifted me, changed me, and altered my course; but that moment was huge. Yes, I’m being a bit funny – but technically it all did start with frybread.

I would love to tell you that story and all it has led to, but it will have to wait for another time and place with much more space and time. But that one piece of frybread led to me meeting my wife a few years later, which eventually led us to New Mexico and the Four Corners Home for Children. My One Moment. Where I am right now, literally hinges upon that.

One moment. The life of Jesus in the midst of eternity; from conception to resurrection; was but a moment. That moment changed this world forever. It hasn’t been the same since. Everything hinges upon that single moment.

The children we care for here have that One Moment too. For most of them, I can tell you what their one moment is. Their moment is when they step foot in one of our homes. They have no idea at the time, but their course changes at that moment. Possibilities now exist for them that never did. Hope meets them at the front door. Love embraces their broken hearts.

In that moment their past takes a backseat and a new life becomes possible. One moment. Can one moment really be significant? Can it really change our course? Can one moment really make that much of a difference? Yes! Yes it can. A lot happens after that moment of course. But it is that moment that causes the turn and changes the course.

Though we most certainly try, we are not  able to provide everything for these kids. But we can provide that One Moment that changes their lives forever.

By Randall Jeffrey