snowflake-c5581a074e14c16716990b33afc5797d5f91bf09-s300-c85Peace means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. When I think of peace I see snow.

When snow falls it is quiet, as if sound has ceased to exist. It is white everywhere. If you stop, close your eyes, and listen – you hear softness. There is purity, light, and peace. Those moments remind me of peace, but are wholly insufficient as to what peace is. Peace is much much more.

First, we cannot produce true peace. We can’t create it or conjure it up. True Peace comes from God. Peace is not present during the absence of noise, turbulence, or strife. Peace does not exist because there is no turmoil or strife. Peace is present in the midst of it. Peace is there when this world is it’s loudest and most chaotic. Peace is knowing that in spite of all of hell breaking loose – God is there. When it doesn’t make sense – He is there and He is in control. Peace.

We can have peace not because of what we do, but because of who He is! We can have peace not because there is no conflict, but because He is with us in the midst of conflict. We have peace because we have our eyes on Him and not on the situation. He is Peace.

I surely think of Peace when I think of Christmas – that marvelous moment when Peace entered this world. May all of us know the Peace that is Christ Jesus – during this miraculous season, and all year long…

By Randall Jeffrey


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