Pour Out Your Love and More Will Remain

fullsizerenderThat night changed my life forever. I wouldn’t know the ramifications for years to come.

It was early in the evening after supper when I was called to pick him up at the hospital. I had never had to pick a child up, let alone at the hospital. I had no idea what his condition was, but presumed that he had injuries since he was in the ER. Now I don’t like hospitals – who does right? I was a bit nervous as I walked with Kelly Hargrove through the hallway to the elevator.

We rode the elevator up to where he was. I can still remember walking into his room. He was playing with a truck the nurses had given him. After that he was rarely without some sort of car with him. I remember thinking, is this the right kid? He had no injuries that I could tell of.

He seemed very happy and was having a great time playing with his truck. You wouldn’t have known he had just been in a rollover accident and not in a car seat. He had no scratches, no bruises – he was fine! He was a ball of pure energy. We were there for maybe 20 minutes and the social worker released him to me. I said “let’s go Kevin”, and he grabbed my hand and we left. You would have thought he knew me! Not a care in the world.

Kevin was with us for 9 months and was still in our home when we left houseparenting. Those were a wild 9 months. Kevin never stopped moving. He was all boy, wild as could be, and his smile was unforgettable. There was another little boy we had at the same time. They were very close in age, had similar personalities, and were explosions of energy and smiles! They were so much fun!

Kevin was a turning point for us, in ways we could never imagine. And still don’t understand today. All of our children were a blessing, each in different ways. Kevin changed our situation. He made us laugh. He made things interesting. He altered the course of our life. Of course, there is more to that story – but that will have to wait for another time.

We are so thankful that we had the opportunity to love him. That’s what we get to do every day here at the Four Corners Home for Children – pour love into great kids!!!

By Randall Jeffrey