Become A Sponsor


Sponsorship is a way for you to stay connected with the kids and families that you support. It is an opportunity to be a part of their lives even though you may live very far away. It is also a great opportunity for our kids to connect with you. For many of our kids their vision extends only as far as they can see. Most of their positive relationships are right here at the Four Corners Home for Children. For them to have someone to connect with outside of the ministry is a huge benefit to them.

Your monthly gift of any amount (average is $25 a month) helps provides financial support for one of our children or homes. Sponsors are sent a picture and biographical information regarding the child or family they sponsor, and are encouraged to build a relationship through cards and letters.

Each month, along with your receipt letter, you will receive updates on family activities and happenings so that you will be better able to pray for their needs. Please feel free to correspond with the housemother for more information. In the event any of the children have been placed by Navajo or State Social Services, names cannot be released.

If you are interested in becoming a monthly sponsor and receive monthly updates, CLICK HERE or call 505-325-0255 and speak with Kay Baker.

Enjoy our Sponsorship Video – Get On Board With Us!