Summer Camp Is Life-Changing!

13567440_1091675257592207_7728603986903820358_nLives change at summer camp. Each year many of our children and teenagers have the awesome opportunity to go to summer camp. It is an unforgettable time in a teen/child’s life.

At summer camp our kids feel a little normal. No one knows their story or where they are from. None of the others know they live at a Children’s Home. For our older kids especially; that is an embarrassing and heartbreaking fact that they want no one to know. At camp they can almost be normal.

Camp brings a change to routine. Though routine is especially good for children who have experienced abuse and neglect – this major change in routine fosters an atmosphere for change, impact, and the Word of God to penetrate their hearts in a very special way. In a good way, camp breaks the normal routine.

We do our best to provide fun and memorable experiences for our kids here. The reality though is that these kids are not with their families, they have had a very rough past, and life for the most part simply isn’t fun. Camp brings the opportunity, not only for fun, but lots of it! They get to be kids. They get to have fun and forget their cares if only for a few days.

Camp brings an intense focus on Jesus Christ. Even for many kids from a stable Christian family, Christ’s Word sometimes does not arrive personally until the focus is so intense that they cannot see anything else. That happens often at summer camps.

Camp expenses rose this year, and though our funds were low – we never even considered dropping camp. Camp is too important to our kids. For a few days they have the opportunity to be normal, to be out of their routine, to be a kid, and to be focused on Jesus Christ. These elements combined create an atmosphere of life. Life bursts forth from summer camp. Life is exactly what our kids need! Camp is just one avenue where Christ meets us, but it’s a powerful one.

Life was stolen from our kids. Christ came to give it back. That is why we are here!


{We partner with a wonderful organization called Cross Bar X Youth Ranch. We work closely with them throughout the year, and greatly appreciate their partnership!}

By Randall Jeffrey