The Sun Rises With Hope!

I recently found the following words from a young lady who was in our children’s home as a child. With her permission, I share them with you…


I grew up at Navajo Ministries, I was given a childhood I would not otherwise have got. Basically, my mother was unfit to care for me, social services took me away. I was put in the foster system at 7y/o.

I was told and shown on a daily basis that I didn’t matter, that I deserved to be in foster care because no one loved me. The worst part is I believed that.

Then one shining, glorious day, I was brought to Navajo Mission. Just driving into the place was wondrous; I knew this was something different. I stayed with the Terpsma’s, who are still on grounds, spreading the same love and joy as the first day I met them. Sadly, I wasn’t there long. But I’ve noticed that no matter how many times the world dragged me away from the mission, God always brought me back, always.

I’ve had two amazing sets of house parents during the time God allowed me at the ministry. One taught the importance of manners, education, respect and your love for the Lord. The other taught me how to love myself, the reality of the world and most importantly, to use my past as a way to build up, and only up.

Every part of “the mission” is just that. A mission to provide genuine love, care and HOPE to broken children – children who come from desolate places. Children who just want someone to tell them that they matter, to give hugs when they really need it and have a place to call home that doesn’t scare them. The ministry is all that and more. It’s one thing to explain what they do and a complete other thing to witness and feel everything they have done.

I would not be, remotely, the person I am today without the people who have come into my life through the ministry. I remember this place the most because it brought my family together. There were 5 of us taken into foster care, no one foster family could take us all, so we were always split up. Can you imagine not seeing your brother and sister for months at a time? The ministry was the first place that took all of us. ❤ In the foster system, that is a big victory.

They saved my life and are at work every day, doing the same for many more children. Keep their light alive, keep the children’s hope alive. And if you truly want to help, become a sponsor. ❤ – SD


Her story touched my heart as I hope it does yours and reminded me why we are here – to provide hope, healing, and restoration. In the midst of darkness the sun will rise again!

We are in a season of tough economic times and many changes are taking place. All of our funding comes from people like you – we receive $0 from state, federal or tribal organizations. When we lack funding we lack the ability to provide for our children.

If you wish to help us provide Hope – you can easily become a sponsor right here:

God Bless!

Randall Jeffrey

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