There’s A Sparkle In Their Eyes!


Do you ever watch people? Do you see them? If you really want to see a person, see their eyes. People can hide their feelings, thoughts, emotions, problems – you name it – even body language can hide the truth. But very few people, if any, can hide behind their eyes.

I don’t see too many people with eyes that sparkle anymore. You know what I mean; when you meet a person whose eyes truly sparkle. I take notice because they are so rare. When you see that sparkle you know there is true joy.

Why do their eyes light up? Maybe because they are doing something they enjoy. Could be they received something they like. They may be thrilled to be alive. Their eyes might even sparkle because they see you!

Wouldn’t that be something? To have another human being light up because you are there!


Sometimes our kids; their eyes don’t sparkle…

We could give them stuff – and we do give them things, things they need and ones they want. We could give them opportunities to do things they enjoy – we do that too. Those things pass away though, they can’t last. Good things, but fading things.

Love is patient. It all takes time, but we give our children what they need. We give them ourselves. We give them Jesus. We give them love.  Eventually – they accept it, they soak it up, they understand, and they allow themselves joy – their eyes begin to sparkle. Love never fails. Their eyes sparkle.

Eyes that sparkle are so rare in this world. You my friend can be that person who makes a set of eyes sparkle again! Your smile, your giving hands, your words of love, or simply your presence. You can make someone’s eyes sparkle today!

This world needs more sparkle; this world needs a reason to hope – what if they saw that Hope in you? What if you started something – and eyes began to sparkle wherever you went? Is that enough to change the world? Maybe not, but then again…what would our world look like if it was filled with smiles, eyes that sparkle, love, giving, joy, peace, and hope?

That would be a world much different than the one we reside in…it would be a world much changed!

Let your Life sparkle!

By Randall Jeffrey