Use His Playbook!

What playbook are you using?

A while back we shot a video for our Facebook page. It had a football theme, and we were showing teamwork in a funny and engaging way. The whole point I guess was to say, “This is our team!” We even had “coaches”. The only thing was, instead of hiding their plays like coaches do, they were “accidentally” showing their plays to everyone around them.

Another issue was that these plays were the goofiest, craziest, wildest, and most absurd plays ever made. As you can see in the picture, one guy is just running around in circles!

Isn’t that what we do?

When we try to play this “game” called life with our own plays – it is a monumental mess! We can’t do it. We lose every single time. The only way to win is to follow the plays designed by the One who designed us!

God has a plan for your life and mine, a playbook if you will. His plays are so much better than what we can draw up and design. Ours will usually fall flat. Sometimes they might work, but they will never lead to the best outcome that God’s plays will. You see, He knows the plays of everyone – even the enemy – and knows how it will all work together. We don’t even know our own plays very well.

So it’s always better to run the plays He has for us. He sees the bigger picture. He knows what we don’t. Don’t limp around following a broken and purely inferior playbook! Don’t settle. Determine to do nothing less than follow the plays that God has set for you!

When we use God’s Playbook – we always win!! As they say, its how you play the game that matters, but even more so is Who is leading the team!

By Randall Jeffrey