We Learn By Example


We learn from watching others. And children certainly do too. Many of the values that shape our lives come from seeing what others do in diverse situations. My wife Brenda and I were reminded of that while visiting a restaurant in Durango, Colorado a few months ago.

We hadn’t eaten at Denny’s for a long time and decided to have breakfast there. We stood at the counter waiting to be seated. A young family was waiting as well and we thought nothing of it when they were seated first.

We enjoyed our breakfast and asked for our check so we could pay and get on with our plans for the day. The waitress told us that someone had paid our bill and we were free to leave. I asked, “Who paid it”? She pointed to a family across the room and said it was them.

I wondered why this young family with several small kids would do such a kind thing. Surely they needed the money more than we did. I walked over to the table and asked why they had done such a kind thing. The dad responded with, “Well, we didn’t see you waiting to be seated before us and were seated ahead of you. We wanted our kids to know that when we realize we have done something wrong we need to make it right”.

What a lesson I learned that day. I have often thought since –  what kind of life do I show to our kids at Four Corners Home for Children? We learn from watching others and others learn from watching us! What are we teaching them?

By Bob Juday