What Does A Smile Mean To You?

jennyWhat does a smile mean to you? Well, it means a lot to me. Smiles are highly valuable creations. Very few muscles are required to make a smile, but for some they are difficult to come by. But any smile, whether easy or difficult to produce, is an exceptional work of art that is impossible to place a price on.

When we have kids arrive here they often come from intense, difficult, and scary situations. If what they endured at home isn’t scary enough, they now enter a place they know nothing about. They are scared, lost, and alone. We know they are safe, but they are not so sure. A smile is far from their precious faces.

It doesn’t usually take long for a smile to return though. You see, we do much more than simply house these children in our care. That is just the beginning. We love them, care for them, protect them, and refuse to give up on them. They are not statistics that we can keep track of on paper. Our children are special and they deserve the very best that we can give them. And that’s what we do. We start with that smile. Our children quickly realize that they are safe, loved, and cared for. They soon know peace, joy, and hope.

Those smiles, though they are easy to make, do not come easily for them. That is why we appreciate and value them so much more. Those smiles – once we see them – equal security, hope, love, confidence, and a possible future. All smiles mean a lot to me – but their smiles mean so much more.

Can their smiles really mean that much? They sure can! Their smiles remind me why I’m here and give me the motivation to keep pressing on! Their smiles remind me that God is in control and that there is alwaysHope!