Why? Restoration!

IUVI2VVDXJWhatever we are doing – “Why” is the best place to start. Why is THE question to ask. If we can answer that question – everything else will start to make sense.

I am the Campus Coordinator here at the Four Corners Home for Children. My wife and I have served here in one capacity or another for almost four years and we hope to continue so for many years to come. We also give financially.      Why? Restoration!      I came here because of what I hoped to be a part of. I give because of what I see here every day! Why do I give? Let me tell you.

We see hope restored. We see love being poured out. We see hearts mended. We see children meeting Jesus. We see life-skills being learned. We see lives being changed. We see the powerful work that God is doing here every single day. We see real transformation taking place right before our eyes.       Why? Restoration?         That is why we have invested in this ministry. That is why we came to be a part of it and still are. That is why we sacrifice our time, energy, resources, and talents. That is why we give. We see Restoration.

That is why I give. And I am confident that if you were to ask anyone here – you would get a similar answer. We see lives being changed.

Why? Restoration!

God accomplishes a lot here. We provide love and security. We provide food, shelter, and clothing. We provide every physical need. But it doesn’t stop there. Restoration is truly taking place. There is something so very special about seeing a life transformed!

If I could sum up all I’ve said into just one sentence it would like this: Why do I give? Restoration!

Why? Restoration! 

By Randall Jeffrey