You Were Created To Make Music


I attended a talent contest a while back, and there was a young man playing an “1864 Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume” violin. I don’t know a thing about violins, but I presumed that it must be pretty fantastic considering the instrument was over 150 years old!

What happened next took me, I must say, by surprise. The young man walked out holding this classic instrument – but nothing happened. This violin, from what I could tell from where I sat, was nothing special. But then he began to play.

This young man definitely had talent. Could he have played a good piece on a common violin? I believe he could have and I would have been none the wiser.

The point of course is that this particular violin was special. It was very well made and constructed with purpose. It has remained a valuable instrument after all these years. But laying there idle in its case – it does nothing. It is not until someone takes it out, places it upon their shoulder, and with bow in hand begins to play – that any music is made.

The same is true with us. We have been made for a purpose, and within us lay many talents and gifts. It is not until we allow God to use us that music can be made! The violin has no will of its own; it is fully surrendered to he who plays the violin. May we surrender fully to the One who wants to make music with us.

During this beautiful, yet often hectic, Christmas season – take time to be still and listen to some Violin music, or any other instrumentals.

Then remember: You were created to make music – allow Him to do so through you!

By Randall Jeffrey